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September 16, 2013


I enjoyed this video quite a bit. There are some things about the Christian faith that are mysterious and puzzling. Quite a few. But for me, what keeps it so incredibly real and true, is what Greg talked about in the end. Obedience. When I trust Jesus and do what he says, I always experience peace and joy. The things Jesus tells you to do are nuts when taken at face value. Sell your possessions and give them away to go and make disciples? I read scripture and it still hits me in the face. But on the occasions where I take it seriously and do it, I find life. Years ago, I decided to sell my possessions and give them away to go and become a missionary in another country. Jesus promises that I would get it all back, have come true for me, but this time God is the one who did it, not me. The incredible message of Christianity is that when you obey Jesus as if you were a child and do what he says like a trusting fool without the answers, you get back life, joy, and peace. I'm not saying that it's not hard. But it is real, even when we doubt intellectually and tell ourselves, "How is that possible?" The cross is impossible. Resurrection is impossible. But Jesus is impossibility made reality.

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