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October 10, 2013


The comments shown on the board above are right in step with a culture that is very much self-absorbed. The capricious way that life is dismissed makes me shudder. If ANY approach by Steve Wagner's organization or RLCC can cause people to stop and reflect, for even a moment, on the ideas they embrace and whether or not they are well-founded, then we must utilize them while we can. The horror of abortion must be confronted on every possible level. Thank you, Amy, for posting this.

"Josh says they’ve been having a lot of success changing people’s minds with this argument, which is surprising yet intriguing to me—surprising because I wouldn’t expect the more philosophical and less concrete idea of “humanness” to be compelling to the average person; intriguing because it really did seem to resonate with the “person on the street,” from what I saw."

Hi Amy, I think the average person relates to the word humanness because they have already latched onto it and recognize the significance of what it means--even if their only experience with what it means having been post utero. This personalizes it somewhat even if in an unsophisticated understanding-philosphically.

To drive this concept further would require a little more understanding of which STR and Wagner have done quite well. As a starting point, humanness seems to me to be necessary, if one wants to force us post utero humans to care for all of the in-utero humans. In other words, if what I've latched onto and cherish what humanness has granted me in this world, I'm going to be forced to protect humanness...lest I myself lose value.

The comment from "live long and prosper" actually sounds like the comments made by fictional rock star Dewey Cox in the movie Walk Hard when he was telling a reporter that he didn't want the responsibility for the children he had sired with multiple women:

"I'm locked in a custody battle
at this time.

Custody is being forced upon me,
which I don't think is right.

You know, if you don't want
the responsibility of children... should be able to walk away...

...and apparently a couple of my
ex-wives don't feel the same. So, yeah.

Wherever my kids are, they're watching
The Dewey Cox Show...

...on Thursday nights at 8:00,
right after the local news.

And I just wanted to say
to everyone out there...

...I'm no longer mainlining acid
or smoking PCP.

It's official."

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