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November 11, 2013


I've read some of those books, but to add to your list Amy I've got to recommend N.T. Wright's series "Christian Origins and the Question of God". It's much longer than Habermas's book, but from start to finish is simply unbelievable. I've yet to read the 4th volume because it came out while I'm in a foreign country, but there is no set of books out there that comprehensively shows why Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection are historical fact. Wright starts with epistemology, works his way into second temple Judaism, then Jesus, then the resurrection, and then early Christianity. This brilliant scholar's work has changed a lot people's perspective and also their lives.

Thanks for the recommendations, Amy.

And I second "Christian Origins and the Question of God." I've learned a ton from N.T. Wright. I still haven't read his books on Paul, though, so I'm still a Calvinists/Edwardist/Piperist. :-)

Also, what is the plan for reading the Bible in a year? Isn't something like (math in public, probably failing miserably) ~4 chapters a day? Also easily doable...

I've been wanting to do more of an orderly, deliberate regular study time. This list looks great!

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