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November 07, 2013


Yes, even way back then it was noted that collectivism was much less productive that individualism.

It would seem as though we could learn something from the early Plymouth colony, even though we may disagree on certain non essential aspects of the gospel it's the more essential parts that bind us together into the church, Christ body. These are the areas that I need to have, or be more gracious in.

The collective cannot succeed simply because of sin. Genesis 3:16's domination of person over person just is the cold outside. Individualism is no cure here, though it offers a few natural impediments to slow the river. "We" is better than "I" though such just cannot be fully actualized short of Man's (Insufficiency's) amalgamation with Love's Immutable E Pluribus Unum (All-Sufficiency). That is why the Outside on Earth, the hell on Earth defined in Genesis 3:16 never will break free of the Ceiling/Floor that just is the Law which just is the descriptive of Man's ugly options in Deuteronomy 28. Love's prescriptive of moral excellence is on definition not found in that Outside but is found in the amalgamation of Seed's Seed in Genesis 3:15's Insufficiency/All-Sufficiency amalgamation that just is the singularity of Unity within Love's necessarily triune e pluribus unum of Self-Other-Us.

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