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December 26, 2013


The Goat Head thanks you for posting this.

Too funny.

Hilariously profound in its portrayal of the tone of desperation in the voice of discreditation.

Thank you, Amy, for this gem!

"plagiarized poppycock" - Hahahaha! I need to find a way to work this into everyday conversation!

That was hilarious! I especially loved the desperate, whiny tone. That's pretty much how it sounds when people say these things and you give them the facts.

The Logic Of Borrowing From Prior History:

The physics of everything have led us to the realization that this universe we currently find ourselves within had a beginning. Big Bang cosmology, and so forth. Precursors not withstanding, Hawking inches ever closer to Genesis 1:1 as he leaves behind the business of Time and Material in favor of the Timeless Immaterial.

But why should we believe science?

After all, all sorts of ancient tales speak of the beginning worlds, of this world, and so on.

Now, having unearthed prior descriptions of such, it becomes clear that Big Bang Cosmologists are simply borrowing from prior tales.

Given that there are prior tales of such, it becomes impossible for such to be the truth of the matter should we, here inside the Now, claim such.

Now, this is (obviously) a silly sort of logic, and a logic which no one ever gives us a reason to believe, this sort of silly logic, though they so often appeal to this fuzzy and blurry math of [Prior] ipso facto deletes [Truth] from the [Now].

But why think this way?

In fact, given that Truth is Inflexible, we expect to find these sorts of avenues of overlapping nuances over time. It’s nearly inevitable.

Of course, we find Christ wholly described in all sorts of ancient tales prior to Christ’s arrival. And, given that the truth of the matter just is that fully singular, that fully triune E Pluribus Unum that just is Love’s Ontology of His Timeless [Self-Other-Us], we would be disappointed if such did not show up laced all throughout mankind’s historicity. All the nuance of this in fragmentation, of Man in Privation, and of a necessary amalgamation as Man’s rescue just will be housed in Man’s writings as far back as we can unearth them, that is, assuming we grant that Christianity is true, for, Christianity holds that such has been spoken of, by God, into Man’s consciousness, throughout Time.

Mere, simple genealogy:

Adam: Man

Seth: Appointed

Enosh: Mortal

Kenan: Sorrow

Mahalalel: The Blessed God

Jared: Shall come down

Enoch: Teaching

Methuselah: His death shall bring

Lamech: The Despairing

Noah: Rest

And there is Christ, prior to Christ. What are we to make of this? Buried inside of history we find, there, ages before Christ, this tale: “Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring (the) despairing rest.”

Love’s Immutable Ontology, that of E Pluribus Unum, that of His fully singular, that of His fully triune Self-Other-Us, is the Truth of the matter, and, there is but one story on Earth wherein every implication of that Unchanging Truth is nuanced to the Nth degree. Such has been transmitted wholly, fully, intact throughout history. With regards to precision, accuracy, our lens becomes more fully focused in writings which we find captured in Scripture. In fact, Love’s Ontology is so unmistakable within Mankind’s story, within Scripture’s A-to-Z, that the only way one could miss it is by intention.

Of course we find Christ's Ontology laced all throughout Time. It's inevitable.

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