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January 20, 2014


Oh Alan…

>> “First, if a madman’s attempt to kill a toddler is thwarted with lethal force by a Good Samaritan, no other person would continue the effort to kill the toddler. The child’s life would be spared and no longer in harm’s way. If an abortion doctor is killed, however, a pregnant woman can seek another abortion provider to do the job. The life of the unborn would still be in jeopardy. Killing a doctor doesn’t protect the unborn the same way a toddler is protected when their killer is stopped.”

Why kill the man throwing screaming Jewish children into the oven? After all, The Nazis will just hire someone else tomorrow. Whether there are 100,000 oven operators, or 1 oven operator, this has no bearing on the question of whether or not it is wrong to shoot him and save the crying Jewish children.

>> “There is a second difference. If a person doesn’t realize their action will kill a human being, then it seems excessive to use lethal force to stop them.”

No it doesn’t Alan. The opinion of the murderer is not an issue. Consider a slave ship in which the captain was cutting up negroes to use as shark bait. Hear the screams of fear and agony--of the black men and women, as the captain hacks at their appendages. Listen to them cry to God from the ship’s deck. If the captain’s opinion was sincerely that “these niggas ain’t human” this would have no bearing on whether or not we would justify shooting him with our sniper rifle.

>> “Third, an abortion doctor is not like a killer who has a specific person as their target. Nothing short of deadly force might stop a killer. All it takes, though, for an abortionist to cease their activity is the verbal request of the woman who is seeking an abortion. She simply can change her mind and the life of the unborn is spared.”

I’m not sure what the argument here is. The fact that an assassin’s employer has the power to dial his cell phone and cease a killing spree, has no bearing on the question of if we are, or are not, justified in shooting the assassin.

Anyway, I think Alan’s post was a perfect example of the very bizarre philosophical acrobatics that Christians go through—when trying to come to grips with implications of their world view. You can see that even though they claim to “trot out the toddler,” they are more than happy to put the toddler away when things get messy.

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