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January 15, 2014


The other day I read an article about missionaries that reached out to a violent tribe in Africa over the past few years. Actually, what they really did is train one of the natives who was already a Christian and did not even do any evangelism themselves. The results of what God is doing are staggering. We are talking about a tribe that circumcises women and treats them like cattle, and goes to worship at the volcano. People that become Christians stop all the violence and treat women like human beings.

In the comments section, you would have thought that these missionaries, who in fact did not teach or convert anyone except for train already existing Christians, had committed a crime against humanity. Even though their work had brought incredibly positive change to this tribe, such as ending circumcision for women, people railed against them. I find this stance to be incredible.

Christianity is not Islam. It is a religion that contextualizes itself to different cultural situations. Mostly, the work of missionaries can bring powerful change to a nation for the better. If someone thinks that missionaries do what they do for financial gain or something like that, then they do not know what reality is like for most missionaries. There is such a thing as a charlatan who gets into it for self gain. But I have yet to meet someone like that. For the most part, you are forced to leave literally everything behind and adapt to a new language and culture.

The future of Christianity lies in the global south, where God is doing something powerful. Christian missionaries have nearly eradicated polygamy in Africa. Now I find it ironic that in the west we are on the verge of legalizing it. Now that the global south has begun to send missionaries to western first world countries, will we vehemently curse them for imposing their African culture upon us?

JB, where did you see this article?

God is Back makes the assertion that the church is growing massively in the global south and in Asia, Also, the claim is that is is mostly Pentacostal.

Steve, I can't find the article any more. But I also read about it in a book written by David Garrison, who is an incredible missionary. The book is called Church Planting Movements. TC, these massive movements are not really Pentecostal, though they all seem to have an element of amazing things God is doing. I know, for instance, that in S. America, the Pentecostal church is not all that numerous, but non-denominational churches are literally everywhere. I guess you could say almost all of them have some sort of "charismatic" element, but none of those share Pentecostal theology in its fullness by a long shot. You even find traditional denominations, like Baptists or Methodists, with "charismatic" theology (I say this in quotes because it is a little different from charismatic theology in the churches in the U.S.). So Pentecostal churches are not really the kind of churches that are cropping up in these movements. I am not sure where you go that idea.

Was just watching a church conference live stream from Toronto, Canada. The speaker told of what's happened in China re: the persecution of Christians.

A communist (of course) professor of economics there who was studying why certain places were prospering and found that when there were a lot of Christians, the places prospered. He wrote a paper in China about this which led to the stopping of the persecution and the number of Christians has advanced greatly since then.

He became famous in China and was allowed to travel. So he spoke at Harvard on economics. At some point he, a communist, became a Christian.

"I am not sure where you go that idea."

From the book.

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