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February 05, 2014


Also, 1 Cor. 15:12-58. I would be interested in studying the relationship between this passage and the one in Hebrews that Amy wrote of.

Several substitutions have gravely injured Christianity.

Substituting the cross for the empty tomb.

Trading the Gospel of the availability of the Kingdom now to everyone for a system of sin and guilt management (minimum requirements to get into heaven when you die, and that only available for a chosen few).

Putting a set of verbal assertions about theological propositions in the place of a heart and life full of Agape love.

We will have to answer for this.

Goat Head 5

Goat Head 5,

What denomination are you? If you don’t mind me asking.


I go to an independent, non denominational church that is pretty straight up Arminian in its theology. (although they wouldn't call themselves that) Not charismatic. We really would say that there are a few essentials to believe and hold that Christians have freedom in the rest.

So I would never say that a hypercalvinist wasn't a Christian.

My church has work to do on all the points I mentioned above.

Goat Head 5

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