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February 25, 2014


There was a caller on the show who asked about the temptation of Jesus as it relates to God's inability to sin. The apparent contradiction is only a contradiction if you assume that the devil had full knowledge that Jesus was God before the attempt at temptation.

However, from Aquinas:

"The minds of demons are utterly perverted from the divine wisdom; they at times form their opinion of things simply according to the natural conditions of the same. Nor are they ever deceived as to the natural properties of anything, but they can be misled with regard to supernatural matters. For example, on seeing a dead man they may suppose that he will not rise again, or, on beholding Christ, they may judge him not to be God." (ST 1:58:5)

For the temptation, the devil would have known that God couldn't sin. That's why he tempted Jesus, to test if Jesus was God.

The temptation story tells us two important things. First, that God can't sin. Second, that the devil used that to see if Jesus was God. This view of the story creates no contradictions, and it also does not assume infallibility of the devil, which is what must be assumed in order for there to be a contradiction.

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