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March 26, 2014


The only neutral stance I can conceive of would be for them to decide to stop policing their employees sexual behavior entirely. Instead, they chose to move same-sex relationships from the prohibited column to allowed (w/i marriage) -- not a neutral position at all.

World Vision's reversal doesn't help them. WV originally proposed the change so the damage is done to their reputation. I can't help but think the reversal is only due to backlash and not to how WV leadership thinks. Alternative organizations will get my support.

Tough spot to be in. I'd hate to be world vision management right now.

I am glad they reversed their decision, but as has been noted, the damage has been done. Also, I can't help but wonder how much of the decision was financial due to lots of $$ being lost by donors ending their contributions.

Darth Dutch

Agree that World Vision did not help their position. All it did was show the world how confused the church is when it comes to the gay marriage movement. Understand, the USA will have gay marriage and it should as it is the same as any other type of pagan marriage. However, the agenda of that movement is also to attack the Christian church and to force it to concede that the practicing gay is also a Christian, (under the same God), which it obviously isn't. That is how the discussion should be framed. We're dealing with a pagan movement here, plain and simple. Plus, World Vision discrimated by not hiring based on sexual orientation. Where's the golden rule? Don't christians realize that the mark of the beast is about not letting Christians buy and sell? That's the ultimate discrimination that this world can't wait to get to.

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