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March 10, 2014


Totally agree with all that Greg says. However, I find myself in a different situation: I am a student at a state university, and I have shared the gospel with many of the other students in the computer lab where I do my work. It is well-known that I am a Christian, and unfortunately, it appears that has become opportunity to cast (mostly playful) aspersions at my direction.

However, I have become aware of a new type of situation that has developed in this environment. I'll regularly get hints, usually in the form of overheard conversations that are intentionally loud enough to overhear, and these come across to me as attempts to provoke or goad me into some type of response. Meaning, there will be some who just make some outlandish and blasphemous claim about Christ and Christianity, and the meaning of that claim isn't due to any heartfelt conviction regarding atheism or agnosticism or any other religion; it's done simply in an attempt to illicit a response from me and get me riled up so they can sit back and be entertained...

How am I to respond to that? Thus far, I have refrained from being drawn in as bait for entertainment; my thought is I have made a sufficient defense of Christianity to just about everyone that frequents the area and have repeatedly shared the gospel, so if all folks want to do with that is trample on it for their own amusement, I'm not going to bandy words for entertainment purposes...but, maybe I'm wrong.

@a: It certainly sound like you've taken the appropriate stance. Let the mockers mock; they have heard the truth of the gospel and you have no obligation to play games with them. There's a line between being good-natured and being coerced into dancing a jig because they decide to play music. Ignore them and be pleasant, focusing your efforts on those who still need to hear the message of salvation. (You could also wear the ear pads and music devices that everyone uses and wouldn't necessarily have to turn them on!)

@a: I couldn't get Greg's video to play, perhaps later. But what you are experiencing is the lot of every Christian in the world. As a Christian, I've seen the college crowd in action, worked in factories and even seen what you're experiencing while working in Christian businesses over the years. I think the scoffers are trying to make sure they're right. They are very insecure.
The thing that gets to the root of it all is when they push your buttons and none of them work. This is what separates you from them. Stay happy, return love for hate, blessing for scorn, and so on. Hold firm on your convictions so long as they are true. In time even the hardest heart will admire your fortitude while disagreeing with you.

Also, Christ will provide your needs according to Matthew 6:24-34, should you decide to leave.

@ a

They are just playing "Gotcha!" Good for you for being aware of it!

Whenever someone makes a claim or even some sort of nasty comment, you need to hold them accountable for providing evidence for it. It's not up to you to refute their claim first. It's up to them to provide their reasons and evidence for their claim.

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