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April 01, 2014


Ehrman is really a very knowledgable scholar and also formidable. And he is not an idiot, either. He is also extremely belligerent towards Christianity. And yet note that he believes all of the above. This just shows how silly some skeptics can be who believe that Jesus didn't exist and other such nonsense. It shows they really have zero knowledge about the source material and have never read any of it in the original languages. No true historian or Biblical scholar would ever come to any other conclusions than Ehrman's (at least inasmuch as the data listed above, of course the resurrection has people with a different conclusion). Even the ultra skeptical Crossan believes Jesus was crucified. I find it incredibly ridiculous that highly intelligent philosophers would dare argue such a point. In the world of Biblical scholarship and history, they would be dismissed outright (including by skeptics like Ehrman and Crossan). Never once have read a serious scholar who believes Jesus never existed.

What about Robert Price or Richard Carrier?

Unless Robert Price has changed his mind since this debate, he doesn't outright deny that Jesus existed. He just thinks it's possible.

Can u prove from bible text that Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) is God.
Is there any statement that clearly says that Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) is lord.
Did he ever claimed to be God- but He was the only way to heaven for the Jews of his time.
Did Jesus claimed divinity when he said I am the Alpha and Omega ?
Bible Scholar Zakir Naik - Jesus said "Follow me"
Bible Scholar Zakir Naik - Jesus said I'm the Way;
Doesn't the Quran instruct to follow Jesus (pbuh)?
Bible Scholar Dr Zakir Naik proves Jesus never became a God on TheDeenShow -
The True Message of Jesus Christ (pbuh) - Dr. Bilal Philips -
Old Bible Proves Quran is Right -
Crucifixion or Crucifiction - Ahmed Deedat -

Is Jesus God - Lecture by Ahmed Deedat
Is the Bible the true word of God -
Al-Quran Miracle of Miracles - Ahmed Deedat
Sources of The Bible-
Textual Integrity Of The Bible-
Thoughts On Abrogation? Think About It! –
Refutation Of western Polemics -

Greek sources of Bible –
Was Paul Inspired? -

Can u prove from bible text that Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) is God.

I can. See my blog:

Also, see The Forgotten Trinity by James White, Putting Jesus In His Place by Robert Bowman, and "The Deity of Christ: Case Closed," by Greg Koukl.

Muslim attempts to show from the Bible that Jesus is not God are even worse than Jehovah's Witness attempts. Maybe you guys could improve your apologetic if you started reading Jehovah's Witness material.

Life is too short to watch all those videos. Please briefly summarize the arguments.

Also, shouldn't all this be over in the thread about whether Muslims love Jesus? Doesn't seem to have much to do with Ehrman.

It doesn't. He was spamming the site on many different posts. I left the comments that people responded to and deleted the rest.

Just did a quick back of the envelope calculation. Just watching all those videos would take over 15 hours. And in the end, what would we have?

As Sam notes, something that doesn't rise to the level of JW argumentation.

Sorry, but I'll have my own personal Lord of the Rings - Extended Edition marathon instead.

Oh. I just saw your response, Amy. Apparently I responded to the spammer. Sorry for feeding the troll.

I think I will have that LOTR marathon anyway! It's been a while.

Amy, if you want to delete his post and mine, too, I'm okay with that.

I may have a LOTR marathon, too. But before that, I'm going to have a The Hobbit marathon. I'm just waiting for the second extended edition to come out.

Sam and I seem to be doing nothing but agreeing today. If you want to delete my response and the spam too, that's cool with me also.

Just to break the harmony...I didn't care too much for The Hobbit esp. the second one. Of course, I'll still watch the third one when it comes out.

"Forget the fact that such requirements are not made for any other ancient literature"

Is this even fair? What other ancient literature makes miraculous claims AND is accepted uncritically by scholars. If Suetonius had Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon on a flying carpet, I assume academics would accept the crossing itself as historically unproblematic considering the context and events that followed. However, ,they would dismiss the fly carpet without a second thought.

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