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April 12, 2014


We also have trustworthy historical accounts of why at least some of the Gospels are missing details.

For example, in the writings of Papias, he mentions that Peter's express purpose in commissioning Mark to take down his account of Christ's life was not to provide an exhaustive narrative, but to simply get the basic facts out there.

Thus, the apparent lack of detail actually is backed up by what we know of history and lends further credibility to the Gospels as being eyewitness, historical testimony.

The books of the bible, regardless, whether old or new a forgery and a fraud. There is not one single ORIGINAL document, pot shard, scribbling, wall writing, statue, tomb, etc., that either Christians or Jesus existed in the first century. If Jesus is alleged to have preached to a total of 50,000 before committing suicide by cop (Roman soldier)...then not one of them, or even anyone in his family or close friends wrote a single line about him in the first century. If anyone can find a single document dated from 33 to 50 AD, I will send them a check for $10,000. Jesus is a fourth century fraud based on previous religions including Apollo, Mithras, Roman god myths, and astrology. Its time for all of you Christians to become truthful instead of promoting lies, frauds, and forgeries.

Addendum: Claims of copies of original documents are just that "claims" and "copies." To win the bet, the place such as the university, institute, monastary, etc., must have had an independent dating system using some kind of carbon dating system...authenticated by "scholars" and no preachers, or priests, or any other "Christians" masquerading as scholars. The documents must be dated from the first century AD and be in its original form.

It is time for Christians to become conscious that the more they lie and promote the fraud and forgeries of Christianities beginnings, the more fuel they add to the fire...Atheism.

After reading the bible thoroughly, and seeing the number of conflicts, historical inaccuracies, and the down right cruelty and silliness of the old and new testament...Atheism is becoming the fastest growing philosophy in the world today.

However, if you can actually prove that god exists by intelligent, rational, and scientific methods, and not the claims of preachers and apologists (who simply liars making up new lies to cover up their exposed lies)...then Atheists will believe in these now imaginary gods.

Extraordinary claims...require extraordinary proof. However, "Science vs religion is like Sunshine vs Vampires....Poof! Gone."

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