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April 24, 2014


Listening from Chicago

South Carolina. It's 10 pm here.

Great to have you here!

Hi Brett! The Deeners listening and watching in from Hagerstown, MD.

Tuning in from NYC!

I need to build some uberChristians. Hope those are in the guarantee. :)


How do we as parents figure out where our kids really are in their level of understanding the fundamantally important concepts for developing into deep and firmly rooted beleivers?

I'm a parent of an 8 year old boy. At church, my husband and I were given the book, "Faith Begins at Home". The author has a 1990 survey showing "most significant religious influences" for kids in 7th through 12th grade. Amazingly, and not surprising, parents have the most influence followed closely by grandparents. Surprising, youth leaders in the church follow far behind. We may be putting too much pressure or expectation on our church leaders. I feel I need to be equipped like you in all those areas. I've even thought of getting a certificate in apologetics. How do you challenge parents?

Can you address the importance of sound logic and suggest ways to incorporate this in teaching our children. Resources?

The STR place used to have campus surveys. Where are those now?

Right here, Chris. (It's under Training > Parent Resources at

Apologetics Storybooks for kids in the 5-11 age range:

The first two books in the series have been released, with more forthcoming.

@ Melissa Cain Travis

I don't even have kids of my own but I'm dying to see those books! I've been thinking for years that there had to be something like this!

Thank you so much for this webinar. My family and I watched it live from California and were blessed by it.

Thank you also for the list of recommended resources. Will surely look into buying them!

Please check out my blog which has articles, etc. on a variety of topics including: "Is Jesus the Only Way?", "God's word", "Homosexuality", "Self-Injury", "Purity", "The Importance of Family", and "Marriage".

Emma Joy

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