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May 12, 2014


After reading up on it a bit, It seems that traditionally, marriage is a publicly recognized commitment between a man and a woman, meant for life. This could be in the form of families reaching an agreement on behalf of their offspring, a civil authority honoring it, or a pagan or religious recognition etc. All honored by God as being valid marriages.

The commitment aspect of marriage stands out in my thinking as being the core or basis because they also had concubines, that while serving the same role as a wife, seemed to be of less status than the wives.

The woman at the well had five husbands according to Jesus. He also told her that the person she was currently involved with was not her husband. This too would indicate that the publicly recognized commitment, and not the sexual union, was the basis of marriage. Also, Jesus called them husbands even though He taught that divorce and remarriage was adultery.

Based on this, I believe there are sinful marriages that are still marriages in the sight of God.

So, I guess what I’m getting at, if marriage is primarily a public commitment that binds people together for life, are homosexuals actually married, when they marry?

I believe that a marriage agreement or license is like a State issued (God ordained) sales receipt. Yes, they are married with receipt in hand. But it’s a sodomite marriage, just as there are adulterous marriages.

Good point, Dave. Some marriages are blessed by God while others might be bad marriages from a Biblical point of view.

The plain truth is that many Americans aren't Christians. If marriage is necessarily a Biblical thing, then how can non-Christians ever be married? The easy solution would be for them all to convert, of course, but that policy has been out of fashion since the Peace of Westphalia. Oh well.

Interesting that even a Dem governor from Kentucky understands why a state government would promote one type of relationship over another:

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