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June 20, 2014


Good post. (In fact, the post accomplishes the purpose better than the video.)

Phil 4:13 may be the most misquoted verse in the Bible.

Yesterday I found out that my bank account was very low, and I knew that God has plans to prosper me (Jer. 29:11). So I began to pray over and over again, because I know that if I ask God often enough he'll grudgingly give me what I ask for (Luke 18:1-8). Then after prayer, I sat and waited to hear the still small voice of God to reveal how he would provide for me monetarily (1King 19:11-13). I fell asleep and had a dream, but I'll assume it was a vision from God given the circumstances, that I was a professional basketball player. So I went to the gym today to begin training for my future career in which I will point to the sky after every basket and thank God during every interview as if he ordained the victor of the game in favor of the team with the most faithful players. Anyway, I wasn't making many jump shots, or free throws. So it became apparent that God intend me to make my mark by dunking the ball. Now, at 52 years of age, and 5'10", dunking the ball is very unlikely, but I claimed Phil 4:13 and then dribbled as fast as I could toward the basket, took off just past the foul line and now I'm awaiting surgery to reattach the achillies tendon on my left foot.

Clearly, I need to get rid of all my NAS, NIV, NLT bibles and get my theology strictly from the KJ! Yep, that's the secret for sure:-)

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