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June 28, 2014


Why is it troubling to encounter different beliefs and worldviews? Diversity is what makes life interesting.

I wish Christian kids, when they go off to college, would know that it's good to interact with all kinds of people, and your different beliefs and cultures shouldn't stop you from being friends.

I think the motive for going to college has an important effect on our faith. If we are there to make money above life's necessities, we've already lost, since Jesus says you cannot serve God and money.

If we are there to further our effectiveness as followers of Christ, any faith challenges will only make us stronger and the wiser.

For those not opting for college, Jesus says that if we seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, (which includes working), all of the things the world seeks after will be abundantly provided for us by God. Mat. 6:24-34.

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