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August 07, 2014


Well done, well explained. (It would have been helpful to add a word regarding the specific point Jesus was making with that expression.)

Great response, thanks for posting. My suggestion:
For me, the real meat was addressed in the final point around 7:30-8:15 that corresponds with the Herod story.

My concern was that in the parables, Jesus or the Father is typically analogous to the master; therefore, in this case, the parable would seem to suggest that the master (Jesus) is violent and killing people over something that doesn't appear to merit death.

Watching the video, I thought you were going to dodge that point, and based on the flow of the video I considered stopping it. However, the historical event context definitely made sense and is a very relevant point as people today frequently make references to current events (just watch any kind of entertainer/info source - comedians, talk show hosts, news channels, etc.).

It seems, now, more than ever, that connectivity with current events is important. With this in mind, I would suggest rearranging the content of the video in a way that can better highlight the current event feature, should you be considering to update the video.

If anything, I hope my comment will be of use to you next time you are talking with someone and explaining this parable.

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