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August 01, 2014


I asked God to make me a better man, heartache and broken relationships resulted, but also opportunities to heal those relationships through a thorough change in my way of perceiving those relationships. God is truly wonderful and kind.

The main answered prayer I need at this point in my life is for for a job opportunity so that I can obey God's COMMAND to work!

We are COMMANDED to work. And yet no matter how hard I try, no avenues are opening up. And for years now.

I'm at the end of my rope.

Prayers to you Mo...

@ RagTime


Mo we pray for you but don't carry any unnecessary burden. We are commanded to work if able - in the context of volitional / persistent refusal to care for one's self / those dependent on you. In a hospital bed on a ventilator one cannot offend this requirement even though paid employment is offered to you. In the reverse direction, the able-bodied who are offered no work likewise cannot offend here. Man's mutable economics are no match for His immutable love :)

I see His Hand far better in retrospect than in the Now. God and Time are funny that way.......

@ Mo;

Sometimes volunteering can lead to job opportunities. Also low wage dead end jobs can lead to better. The thing is, as a Christian, you're working for the Lord and as you try to glorify him in the way you do even menial work, the job becomes meaningful. He promises to provide all of our needs when we seek first his kingdom, in this case, by working at anything that doesn't violate our conscience.

These are not arm chair observations, but are actual experiences I'm sharing of his providence.

(This is a great post Amy, thanks.)


Maybe God's answer to your prayers is that you start your own business so that you can manage your own time and better serve. As a vocational missionary, I went on the mission field without enough financial support. God has paved a way for me to start my own business and be self-supporting, while still being able to take time to be a missionary. Having your own business can be more rewarding than a job and also can give you more opportunities to know a broader range of people for the purpose of evangelism. Just a thought.

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