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August 26, 2014


I'm listening to the show now. I especially appreciated the information on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge issue. Other than seeing the posts everywhere, I didn't follow the story too closely. I didn't even think of this issue.

But something came to mind as I listened to Greg's response. Thinking through this issue does take a bit of time and effort. I'm afraid that most people are not only unwilling to put forth that effort, but are unable to do so. Sadly, this goes for Christians as well.

In fact, I'd bet anything that if I'd known about this and raised this concern beforehand, I would've been criticized even by fellow Christians who'd say basically, "Oh, be quiet and just do something for charity!"

This unwillingness and inability to think deeply on important issues is something that is bothering more and more these days. I see it everywhere.

I expect this from the world. But I was naive! I assumed it would not be so among followers of Christ. I've been proven wrong about this time and time again.

I hope one day Greg will tackle this problem on the show.

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