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September 02, 2014


I wouldn't call him the "best" excuse -- but people hijacking his name to do some pretty horrible things doesn't really mean that he himself, or even those who truly follow him or his teachings, are guilty of wrongdoing. You must distinguish between the "bigots" who misapply what they think Christ taught and what he actually did teach. How about you take the time to look into what Jesus actually had to say instead of relying on what you're seeing from a group of people who are only using him as a platform for their actions. Let me know if you have any questions. I'd be glad to help you get a better perspective on what Jesus is really about.

If the Bible is totally true, then Christians are not narrow-minded bigots. They're just truth-tellers who annoy those unwilling to face reality.

On the other hand, if the Bible is not totally true, then Christians are indeed narrow-minded bigots, insisting that everyone should obey their false and narrowly conceived rules.

It's clear that Christians won't think they're bigots, and non-Christians will they they are. How can we ever come together on this?

I think I'd simply have to ask, "What do you mean by that?" A person posting this obviously has issues with Christians, and a careful approach is warranted. Looks like a great opportunity for a true ambassador for Christ to step in and clear up concerns for this individual.

If someone posted that, I'd comment, "You prove it to be true."

Isn't hate based on demographic generally considered bigotry?

I would probably just write "Hmm, really?" and leave it at that - not generally something a friend would put up and if they did, would not be after a discussion...

Alternatively, the questioning as laid out by Jud & John would be the way to go

Hmmm ...

A picture. A name. A twelve word vague statement that offers an accusation without noteworthy proof. Jud and Mike are on the right track, but I would like to explore this dimension: What bigotry are we speaking of?

As we are all defined by our own set of prejudices, it is important that we validate our indictment of bigotry. I would confess my own bigotry against corrupt politicians, bad movies, and terrible food. The counter-argument that not all politicians, movies, and food are corrupt, bad, or terrible is not all that insightful. As I can establish my reasons for appraising politicians, movies, and food, you must recognize my preferences as ones of discernment, not bigotry. In fact, bigotry is such an emotional word, that its use in this case is a calculated attempt to instill a sense of moral high-ground.

This isn't reasonable, it's manipulation through charged words.

At the base of all this, the ideas one would defend with charges of bigotry are either valid or vapid opinions that would not survive further examination if such examination is enacted. It is, in effect, a desperate attempt to avoid bringing such ideas to light. What is Christ bigoted over, and why should that be the case?

Yes, I find that most of the narrow-minded bigots I know seem to feel an inexplicable need to blaspheme Jesus Christ and malign his people.

My response would be:

"But that doesn't mean Jesus, or the religion he taught, is wrong."

Possible continuation: "It's like saying 'KNIVES: The best way for someone to stab another person'"

There are so many avenues to take, as others have mentioned. The "what do you mean by that?" question is probably the best one. It's also really tempting to reverse the point and call the other person narrow-minded for their obvious lack of insight or knowledge about Christianity.

That tactic probably wouldn't get you anywhere, though, as it would initiate a "no, you are" style back and forth. The best thing to do is put them on the defensive to back up their assertions.

Not sure exactly what that means. I would ask the person who put it up to explain what they mean by that. What does bigoted mean? What does it mean that Jesus is an excuse? I think I might even ask this person if they know what the word "Christ" means. Why would this person use something like this? What are they alluding to?

I would tend to agree with the poster.

Narrow minded bigots have often shown narrow-minded bigotry to Christians on account of Christ.

Just as Christ predicted they would.

...or am I missing the point?

Bigot - "a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion."
Tolerate - "to allow the existence, presence, practice, or act of without prohibition or hindrance; permit.
to endure without repugnance; put up with:"

Narrow minded - "having or showing a prejudiced mind, as persons or opinions; biased.
not receptive to new ideas; having a closed mind."

Given those definitions, if we were to look at a religious figure and claim they justify "narrow minded bigotry," Muhammad seems a much better choice. Islamic holy scripture, the Quran contains specific statements regarding the termination of counter religious beliefs. Christian holy scripture, the Bible, does not contain specific statements regarding the termination of counter religious beliefs, but instead the evangelization of those that hold those beliefs and the invitation to change without coercion. Jesus never advocated "conversion by the sword" where as Muhammad specifically commanded it. By that analysis it seems that the claim in the image is off base.

Of course, if we step outside of religious figures we have even better examples of "narrow-minded bigotry" in the secular realm. Consider Joseph Stalin for example, who was so narrow minded he not only rejected all religious ideals and refused to countenance their existence, but took the same stance on differing political and economic systems of thought as well. Stalin's inspiration was largely sourced in the ideas of Carl Marx.

In both cases, though, we have examples of people that are better "excuse[s] for a narrow minded bigot to act like one." Or at least more narrow minded, more bigoted, or more broad in their scope of narrow minded bigotry and more severe in their execution of said bigotry.

Of course, if one were possessed of a broader view, and less antagonistic toward a particular faith tradition, they might be aware of the counters to the claim made in the picture.

People who post memes like this generally aren't thinking they are feeling. They have bought the lie that simply supporting Bionically mandated moral behavior is hateful.

I probably wouldn't respond to it because I've been burned in the past. However, I'd consider posting that narrow is the way that leads to life and broad is the way that leads to destruction. I'd feel very confident facing this situation..I could follow up that I went full circle to come to Christ. I explored to come to what I believe, ("open minded" per this persons post leads to death). Ultimately, Christ won me though. If he had left me alone I'd be lost.

First question as always: What do you mean by that?

Gandhi had the same problem: "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians." I won't make excuses for Christians who use Jesus as an excuse for bigotry, but what do you think about Christ? Is their bigotry in line with him, or are they abusing him as well?

Some people are so scared of being called a Bigot, they ignore things they should be against.

I think because Christians follow an absolute moral code and expect others to do the same, some people do not appreciate being told what to do and what not to do. That is why they are not Christians in the first place. Most people agree that there is an absolute morality with most moral issues, but when it involves sexual issues like homosexuality, abortion, or even adultery, for some reason, that is when "relative morality" takes over in their minds.

I would ask why they are so bigoted for posting it then Paste this.

I would ask "what do you mean by narrow minded"? Are they not open to competing views? Then I would just use their answer against their own position against Christians. Why are you not open minded enough to accept Christianity as a view?

Sorry, those who support homosexuality and abortion do not believe in relative morality. If they did, you would not be a bigot for not agreeing with them.

Sweeping generalizations are not helpfully.

I strongly remember my university days when being male was publicly identified as being a potential rapist. One one hand, it is technically true that any man can POTENTIALLY a rapist, but on the other hand it was presented that a male who has never raped perhaps did not have the opportunity so he really wasn't a non-rapist, just a non practicing person with a rape orientation.

Male=rapist. Female=victim

It was difficult to complain as it was politically incorrect to be anti-woman pro-rape. There was no possible other reason to object to a movement aimed to keep people safe, and to do so suggested that you might be the type of person that was being targeted .

Relavance? It started as a meme, became a movement , and eventually became a public villification of people for actions they had never engaged in, in the name of freedom and political correctness.

I would laugh. Why? Because those who are making the accusation of Christians being narrowed minded are themselves being narrow minded, as well as being bigoted towards Christians. So, they are guilty of the very thing they are accusing Christians of being.

People on the left cannot be bigots. Just like minorities cannot be racist

Part of the cultural definition. Their indignation is defined as righteous by default


"It's clear that Christians won't think they're bigots, and non-Christians will they they are. How can we ever come together on this?"

"We" don't come together on this; the unity people clamour for today isn't true unity, it's simply rationalized away by either unspoken disagreement or, worse, "tolerance".

The only way unity is achieved is through the regenerative work of the Holy Spirit in drawing people's hearts to belief in Jesus Christ, His death on the cross, resurrection to new life, and a life of repentance and faith before Him.

In other words, the only solution is for "all men everywhere to repent", in the words of Paul...

What do you man by 'bigot?' What do you think about Jesus Christ that makes you think these people are wrong?

I usually merely reply with, "That is a bigoted statement".

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