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September 11, 2014


This lends emphasis to that notice in Acts 17: 6: When they didn’t find them, they dragged Jason and certain brothers before the rulers of the city, crying, “These who have turned the world upside down have come here also." Namely Paul and Silas. All in the proclamation of forgiveness in Christ, aka the Gospel.

Phil Vischer, in teaching children the significance of Christmas, speaks of the "up-side down kingdom." Angelic messages to shepherds, not kings. Mangers instead of palaces. Small towns, not metropolises. Little people front and center, not the big names of history.

And, perhaps, in light of all the conventions and compromises that make up our present changing cultures, which obsesses on pageantry and the trending now, perhaps it was the moment the world was actually right-side up.

Just a thought.

@ DGFischer;

Pretty interesting, thanks for sharing.

The only religion similar to Christianity in the 1st century was Judaism. No other religion teaches bodily resurrection and centers upon it, except Judaism. But Judaism believed that there could be no resurrection in the center of time, but at the end. Christians believe the firstborn of resurrection and to achieve immortality was Jesus in the middle of time. After that, none of the other religions have anything to do with Christianity. Atheists try hard for some reason to make Christianity like other religions. It never fits though.

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