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September 25, 2014


This is amazing. In looking further into this clock, it illustrated the Geocentric view of the universe. It placed the Earth at the center with the Sun and planets orbiting it.

Eventually the Copernican theory replaced the Geocentric with the Sun being the center and the Earth and the planets orbiting it.

There was a great uproar by the Church over the Copernican theory, in that it contradicted Scripture.

It is thought that the Copernican theory led to other doubts about the integrity of Scripture, as in the case of the age of the universe and the theory of Evolution.

However, there is great debate today that the Geocentric theory is indeed the correct one.

So, perhaps this clock stands as a monument to what most believed about the Universe at one time, and many still believe to be true today.

Two of the leading proponents of Geocentricism are; Malcolm Bowden and Dr.Gerard Bouw.



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