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September 22, 2014


The joke among homeschoolers in my area is that homeschoolers do anything by stay at home. As a homeschooling dad, our approach has been like this: controlled exposure to false ideas of the world with an aim for teaching how to think about those things given the truth in the Bible, but also teaching why people believe those things and why we believe what we believe. The first line is defensive: teach our kids how to understand the underlying messages sent to them in the media. The second line is to teach them how to interact with other people about those things. For example, my family is active in Child Evangelism Fellowship. In the course of talking to students, they run into young children who have learned from their parents or their favorite TV shows certain bad ideas. There have even been Mormon kids join the clubs. So how do you talk to a young child about the true Jesus who is being indoctrinated elsewhere in Mormonism? This approach helps.

But.... What about Socialization????

I would have to agree with Jim Pemberton. My experience with homeschoolers has been that they are out in the world tremendously. Whenever I drive through Chik-Fil-A at noon, I am often greeted by a homeschooler. That's because homeschoolers often get all of their work done before noon, and it's time for life! (It's easy to get your work done by noon if you don't have a teacher teaching to the median, dealing with disruptive children, moving from class to class, etc.) Finally, I can pick a homeschooler out of a group very easily: he or she is the one making eye contact with the adult, and doing a great job of articulation. So, I really had to laugh at the title to this post: sheltering?!? That's what's being done in the government schools. perhaps "indoctrination" is a better word. :-(


Is that the dichotomy (home v. public school)? Private schools don't exist?

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