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September 27, 2014



As always, a beautiful post.

I don't have much to offer. Perhaps this will find a home in someone somewhere:

Christ’s brutal honesty is reassuring. He assures us that we have no control of the world. That the world truly is bigger than us. Anything can happen. We make plans and one day changes everything – leaving us, truly, empty-handed, at what just is the end of ourselves. He tells us that this is the state of affairs of reality, of man, of actuality. And then He goes where metaphysical naturalism’s wish fulfillment can never go, where the absurdity that is its ontological pluralism cannot reach – He goes to the end of ad infinitum. He tells us that this troubling and fragmenting world is just such a place, is too big for us – however – pause – He is larger than it, and, therefore we find those wide open spaces free of fear . Fear fades, and not because the world is not too big for us to control, because it is, and not because the world is not troubling or fragmenting, because it is, but because – for – God overcomes – subsumes – the world. “Do not fear – for – I have overcome the world”. The All-Sufficient Other/Outer in His delight ushers in those all sufficient means which carry in those all sufficient ends as He pours Himself out, pours Himself into, and with Himself fills up all that is our own In-Sufficient Self. Contingency finds Permanence, Time finds Timelessness, Corporeal finds Incorporeal, Flesh finds Word and Actuality's peace, Actuality's calm which transcends the long-ago overcome absurdity keeps us, maintains us, carries us.


Thanks. Your words touched me today.

If you begin to make disciples, you will face opposition from the devil. It may not be outright persecution, but something bad will happen to you. That's the way it goes. If persecution or something bad happens, then you know you are on the right track, headed in the right direction. We need to welcome persecution and difficulty, and praise Jesus in those moments, because it means we are becoming like him, which is the goal. Good for Pastor Saeed. He is on track to receive glory and honor from Jesus for his sacrifice.

Thank you for this post/blog. I would add that before I/we can love Jesus in this way, we need to receive the love of Jesus - to the measure I receive His boundless love, will be the measure I am enable to love Him. It is Jesus' love that enables enduring of suffering and resisting of temptation - He is the Keeper - Christ in you (the Holy Spirit), the Hope of Glory.

God uses affliction and suffering to mold us into the likeness of Christ. I don’t believe it comes any other way. All of the things the world seeks after, money, acceptance among friends, social status and respectability, only soften us and move us further away. If we stop seeking these things and set out to follow his instruction, he provides to us love, peace and happiness, but affliction will follow.

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