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October 22, 2014



I'm so thankful you have drawn attention to this. I have discussed this with fellow Christians. Once we are convinced, for good reasons, that the Bible is God's Word, we do not need to have evidence to support every proposition the Bible makes! The Bible has proven itself trustworthy in matters of history, prophecy etc, so we should, as Christians, simply rely upon it as Divine revelation. This is the reasonable faith that God delights in.

Thanks, and Lord bless,

Btw I have been much blessed in recent years by the ministry of STR. You all do an excellent job.

N. Ireland

Thank you for your encouragement, David!

Thanks for sharing this. It is certainly a good reminder.

I know one thing I struggle with, though, is the canonicity of Scripture. As we are so often quick to point out in other discussions, the Bible is comprised of 66 separate books written by various authors. I don't see the Bible as one book that needs to be justified as the word of God, but 66 separate books. The resulting doubts and uncertainties about that process can be challenging sometimes to my confidence in Scripture.

I agree though that once you have satisfied yourself on that matter, you cannot be questioning the individual doctrines and principles contained in any given passage. And I am grateful for your reminder to do that.

Thanks and God Bless!

This is a great post, Amy. Once we see evidence of God's involvement in revealing Himself in Scripture we ought to obey it implicitly and proclaim it confidently.
Will K. makes the point that evidence of the inspiration of one book doesn't necessarily show the inspiration of all 66, but I think a couple of things can be said in response to that. Firstly, evidence of the inspiration of Isaiah or Daniel (through say fulfilled prophecy) shows the God of Isaiah and Daniel is the true God. Therefore, the true God is the God of Israel, I think it is reasonable to assume then that if the Israelites incorrectly held books to be authoritative then God would have, through these prophets, corrected that. Also, the more we study these books the more we see patterns, pictures and predictions that have God's fingerprints all over them. If a Christian wants to be confident the Bible is inspired then study it - the more you do, the more the inspiration is apparent. Furthermore, we know what books were held as authoritative at the time of Christ, and He accepted them as canonical and proclaimed them as God's Word, so if there's good evidence that Jesus is the Son of God then the OT immediately gets the highest possible stamp of approval. When it comes to the New Testament we can see in the Lord's final ministry to His disciples that He "hints" that it is coming. He says the Holy Spirit will bring all things to their remembrance (John 14:26), which would cover the Gospels; He would lead them into all truth (John 16:13), which would cover the epistles; and He would show them things to come (John 16:13), which covers Revelation. Michael Kruger pointed out on STR one time that just as the Old Covenant required documents, so too does the New Covenant. These documents from the first century which come from the apostles or their delegates are really the only candidates.

Thanks for all your ministry, it is making a difference for eternity.
Belfast, Northern Ireland

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