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October 28, 2014


Re: The transgender issue

A huge part of the problem is the word games played by leftists. They have now separated the words "sex" and "gender" to mean different things. I didn't realize they had done this until I got into an online discussion and after much back and forth realized this was what was being done.

What they do is say sex means your physical body, but gender is whatever you "feel" inside that you are.

It still doesn't make sense, because they still do mutilate their bodies. But that's why they can saw you're a male who "identifies" as a female, and vice versa.

There is also the fact that they seem to think gender identity is only as shallow as what clothes or hairstyles or toys a child likes. If a little girl likes pants/hates dresses, wants very short hair, likes trucks/hates dolls this must mean she's a boy inside. If a little boy likes more traditionally "feminine" things like longer hair or dolls or is not rough and sports-minded, this means he's really a girl inside.

It's insanity. All of it. But it's being peddled to children as young as preschool. It's child abuse of the most evil sort. Every second that child spends thinking and being told he is a girl or she is a boy is damaging to them. I cannot even bear to watch it.

If we saw someone punching and kicking a child, we'd jump in immediately stop it. But on this, we are silent.

How do we deal with this word game? They are very sophisticated in playing it. I've seen them go as far as denying that they've said you can change sex. (Even though again, they use the pronouns and even have surgery!) They claim it's *gender* they are changing.

It's all so confusing.

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