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October 09, 2014


"In the midst of the squalor, misery, illness, and anonymity of ancient cities, Christianity provided an island of mercy and security."

This is certainly true, but more than that, they presented a form of socioeconomic system I call charitocracy, that superficially resembles communism. It was a concept of a form of community and governance that is based on a family...the family of God. This is what Greg has been confused about in the past and that is why on one of his podcasts has stated that the only place that communism would actually work is in a family, not as a form of government. He was partially right, but missed the point that WE are the family of God and that charitocracy was such a natural outgrowth of the first century church that no one even thought to proscribe was simply assumed to be the best form of governance for the family of God. The good that charitocracy accomplished in contrast to other forms of governance is affirmed by Melinda here. But I wonder if some of the notions that I have just raised had ever crossed her thinking. This might be a time to think about it.

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