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October 29, 2014


Just read the survey. It is a typical examination of the "hot button" issues, nature of God, reality of sin, heaven/hell, authority of God and Scriptures and Church/church (divine institution and local congregation).

Revealing, but the best assessment of the paper is given by the researchers themselves: While the majority of Americans believe God is perfect, the answers reveal that Americans want God on their own terms.

Intriguing in the whole survey is the range of agreement with Evangelicals and Black Protestants. Ironic with Election Day coming soon and how these groups historically vote.

If you consider the differences between "Rapture" teachings today and what the Puritans, Lutherans and Reformed, hold (held), there is a serious departure from the faith taking place right before our eyes and the Papacy couldn't be happier.

Considering the fact that some of the finest minds, including Greg, get things wrong, why would one expect the rank-and-file Christians to get it right? Folks make mistakes and sometimes serious ones.

The interesting thing is that everybody takes the easy job when figuring out the problems within the Church, instead of digging deeper to see the less obvious mistakes that make a huge difference. I think that DGFischer kind of puts a finger on it. The easy path is the "hot button" topics. I think that path just shows how unmotivated (lazy?) folks are when it comes to doing their jobs and that includes those employed by Christianity Today. Hot button topics are easy...try something that takes effort next time and earn your bread and butter. Well, I guess you don't have to when you are just handed what you want without actually putting up the sweat to earn it. Where's the virtue in that?

People don't read their bibles, that's the problem. We all need to spend more time in the Word every day. Myself included.

People seem to be of the opinion, that whatever they "feel" is the way things are, the universe will remake itself to suit them.

Therefore, it doesn't matter what the Bible says, because the truth is whatever they "feel" it should be.

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