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October 31, 2014


Wow what a great post Amy! Very nice ~~~

I downloaded John Huss' Book on the Church last night. This is perhaps of all his writings, the one that got him burned at the stake.

As the flames began, he prophetically said; "You are now going to burn a goose, (Huss signifying goose in the Bohemian language:) but in a century you will have a swan which you can neither roast nor boil."

I shudder to think of our state today, cowering in hopes of a pre-trib Rapture to avoid a mere 7 years of tribulation, none of which could be as bad as even one year of what our Reformation era forefathers endured . Only because of our soft eliminate times, could any such doctrine take hold.

Thank you, Amy, for posting this. I always wonder if I would have the courage. Certainly not without God's grace.

Beautiful post Amy (as always) ~~~

God truly does come for the sick. For us. A Church that is something less than a Hospital for such as us falls short of Christ's Grace. Embracing both the sick and His Truths of reality is costly on both fronts, often costing us favor with the world for Love's ultimate truth claims on reality while also costing us favor with the Church for - well - Love's ultimate truth claims on Man . I'm great at falling short on both of those lines. Daily. Hourly.

".....because the Gospel Luther found in the pages of the Bible freed him from his tortured conscience before a perfectly holy and just God, because it reconciled him to that great God, the Gospel was worth any price to Luther...."

Whether the fruits of Martin Luther or of Martin Luther King Jr. the beautiful fruit of God’s immutable light which forever frees us is in the end always worth the wide array of efforts and struggles we face in following Him.

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