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November 07, 2014


"She believed that generosity and charity were not individual actions, but a way of living."

It is amazing how many times Christians come to this very same conclusion. They realize intuitively that this kind of socioeconomic system is the very best kind, just as did the first century church members, yet they reject it in favor of the evils of capitalism. Charitocracy is better...charitocracy is the family of God in action.

There is nothing like an authentic conversion to make people want to give joyfully.

Louis just curious what you mean by the "evils of capitalism"? Are you saying that charitocracy or socialism is the path our government should take or are you saying that giving to others is what responsible Christians should do? If it's socialism that you are pointing to then it isn't charity it's oppression. Charity is voluntary not forced giving by the actions of the government.


First, let me answer that communism is not what I am promoting here. Though Greg has done so in the past...but only within the context of a family. He made it clear in one of his broadcasts that he approves of certain aspects of communism being applied in a family, where it does in fact work. It cannot work on the level of a country. I actually agree with him on this point that it can apply to families, but the point Greg missed was that the first century Church was in fact a family and thus many of the practices within communism, worked just fine within a family community(of course we are talking about the family of God here). I think that this is what was being illustrated in Acts 2:44-45. This kind of thing actually knit the community together as a family. The competitive nature of capitalism tears family structures apart because that is its nature. That is what makes it fundamentally evil and is at odds with an attitude of is at war with it. That is why capitalism is the amplifier of the basest of the human nature...greed, selfishness...etc. The example in Acts was one of cheerful giving to those of the community in need, not oppression and repression, but a reminder to those of the community of their moral responsibility to each other and then acting on the basis of that moral responsibility. It is just like the decision making and the will of god that Greg often harps upon. When you see an opportunity to do good...just do it. Capitalism is not the path to achieving that which Greg teaches on his show. It never can be.

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