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November 21, 2014



Amazing post. Your description of what is required of us as followers of Christ and how hard the choices are that we will all have to make is beautifully articulated. This is not, nor has it ever been, a gay or straight issue no matter how much our modern culture wants it to be. It has always been about submitting to Jesus as the Lord of your life.

Thanks for reading, Deedub.

Great post Amy!

You beautifully articulated the real heart of the issue to which everyone can relate to. Thank you for this perspective and encouragement to truly pursue God's desire for us.

Nice Job, Amy!

This is truly a shame, while many seek to enter into heaven, few actually believe that repentance is a part, we do like to look at the sins of others and say " certainly such a one as that must repent ", many will be left out because they strained the gnats of others while asking God to swallow their camel. Not just wishful homosexuals but all of us, it requires a broken and contrite heart,a repentant heart.
. It is amazing how many ways the truth is spun, I thought the argument that Sodom and Gomorrah was
destroyed for lack of hospitality was the high water mark, but the wrong kind of perversion takes the cake.

I have never heard a good response to one basic question (in fact I've never heard the question)
What is the purpose of homosexual relationships?
Desire aside.


To answer your question I think we have to look at all relationships, hetero and homo. And if we set aside sexual desire I suppose we all have a need not to be alone, a need to be close to another person, to share things with that person and be accepted. A person of faith would say those traits are a reflection of God's love...

Fantastic apologetic, Amy! Your approach, "If you found out that X was wrong, would you give up X or Christianity?" is subtle, yet powerful and widely applicable, IMO. Thank you so much for posting this!

I just recently had this discussion with my christian friends about this issue. A couple of them believe you are born this way. I tried to explain my view but they said I was judgmental. My sharing fell short. I think God led me to your sight so I could see how to better explain my position. Thank you for you reasoning and thoughts. Thank you for upholding the authority of scripture.


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