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December 15, 2014


Any explanans must appeal to some form of causation.
What if the explanandum is causation itself?
  • Explain what you mean when you say that one event causes another.
  • Explain what you mean when you say that an agent causes an event.
Must science and religion always be in conflict? Are they completely unrelated realms of inquiry?

To answer these questions, no. However, the fact that science and religion do not always have to be in conflict doesn't mean they can't be in conflict.

In fact, that's one of the central claims of Christianity: we worship a God who is God over science. Therefore, if He wants to intervene into the natural order of things and cause things to happen that are contrary to what we, as puny, myopic humans perceive as "science", then that's perfectly acceptable. In fact, that's a wonderful testament to the display of His almighty Hand!

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