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December 31, 2014


I can certainly relate to this struggle! It always helps to know that we're not alone in something. I think that isolated, frustrated, "I'm the only one!" feeling is part of the struggle itself. I have no smartphone, so I'll have to tackle the problem the old-school way.

Here's to a successful 2015 for all of us in this area!

Prayermate has made a dramatic difference in my ability to stay consistent in my prayer life. And its made it so much sweeter. For example in the family category, I just made a list of all my family members and every day a name rotates through. When I see the name for that day, I get so excited about praying for them. And I am consistently praying for family members now that I rarely, if ever, prayed for before.

Uff! Glad to know I'm not alone! Thanks for the tips!

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