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December 26, 2014



Thank you very much for all the retrospective posts published over the past several days (Top Ten Posts, STR Place Challenges, Posts of Christmas Past, and the late breaking Top Ten [14] Videos). These were the postings that drew me from Apologetics 315 to investigate the STR sites. It has been an education this old dog needed.

These posts reminded me of a complaint ronh raised a few weeks ago concerning the strength of the challenges STR were raising. I could sympathize with him, especially on the set derived from the wikiHow blog. The STR Place Challenges (ah! the classics! the good ol' days when Brett could say we owned another argument!) is a fine collection of arguments of varied strengths and good responses to all. It shows that STR has been consistent with their apologetic method touched with a respect for the dissenting opinion (which is why Brett no longer claims to "own arguments").

With such a gathering of apologetic interplay, I wonder if there shall be new challenges or rather a synthesis of old arguments with a newer spin.

This will be the work of the New Year, one that I hope to be a happy one.

It would be nice if Brett would solicit challenges from the audience so we could get him to help us with questions and difficulties we were actually having, as well as getting the views of various readers.

Sam, you're always welcome to give challenge ideas! If anyone out there has a suggestion, feel free to post it here.

And you're welcome, DGFischer!

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