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January 06, 2015


I read Pinchas Lapide's book a long time ago, and I remember getting the impression that Lapide's book was motivated by an effort to improve relations between Jews and Christians. His argument for the resurrection was meant to throw the Christians a bone. He stilled denied that Jesus was the messiah.

Of course that doesn't distract for the force of his arguments. It's been so long, I can't remember exactly what his arguments were, but I think he based it primarily on the appearances and the effect it had on the first Christians.

It's been a while for me, too, but yeah, he has a different interpretation of what the resurrection means.

I remember him saying he thought God raised Jesus from the dead as part of his plan to make his name known to the gentiles, which he has done through the spread of Christianity, even though he doesn't think Christianity is true. Its almost as if he thinks God intentionally created a false religion so that the true religion of Judaism would become known. Of course, like I said, it's been a while, and I could have that totally distorted.

That's along the lines of what I remember, as well. But I think he might respond to you by saying that it was the early Christians who twisted Jesus' message and created the false religion after Jesus was gone. Regardless, it was probably a minor concern to him. I've found that a lot of Jewish people aren't concerned about "false religion" since they believe that how you behave is the point of religion. Since Jesus taught the moral teachings of the Torah, then it's a good thing, even if the followers eventually twisted His message.

I don't think I own the book, or I could check. I think I originally tracked it down in a library somewhere.

Don't check on my account. It's no biggy.

It's been my experience that Jews are typically hunky dory with false religion unless it's Christianity. They can be downright hostile when it comes to the claim that Jesus is the messiah, regardless of how morally Christians might otherwise behave. And they're ESPECIALLY hostile when it comes to "Messianic Judaism." Some of them don't care about that, though, as long as Christians don't try to proselytize. They have a strong aversion to that as well.

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