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January 05, 2015


Very good. Thanks.

So, let's continue this exercise, what if, when you seek to determine if the person is just simply dismissing your point of view as not being based on reasonable evidence/thought (i.e., they dismiss established fact), what then?

The sad aspect of the whole thrust of "it's only your opinion" is the subtle notion that this is the thoughts of a single person.

What if the "opinion" of several people are identical? An "opinion" can be backed by fact (all the good ones are). Those that are most factual have the integrity to be held by a large share of humanity. The "it's only your opinion" mantra merely ignores this important idea.

One then may complain of the "bandwagon effect," the acceptance of an idea die to popularity. Fine and good. But then, we would have to deal with the "bandwagon effect" of the concept of "it's only your opinion" being sound reasoning rather than an artful dodge.

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