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January 20, 2015


    "I want to sketch out Thomas Aquinas’ theory of natural law..."

Why? Give us some motivation!

    Afterward, we’ll ask if Aquinas’ view is compatible with a biblical view.

It is.

Hi Kyle, Francis slouch as a theologian and philosopher would disagree with you on Aquinas' take. If one reads "Escape From Reason" it is not left to speculation what Francis thinks, he pretty much laid at the foot of Aquinas, blame for many of the modern ills.

I havent time to read the post or comment but I think it is not a frivolous blog post...btw another of my favorite theologians...RC Sproul calls Aquinas one of the greatest theologians in the history of the Christian church...alongside Jonathan Edwards and Augustine.

Aquinas' writings, written as a Catholic, are esteemed by the Catholic Church (see footnotes in the Catholic Catechism), should we not look to God's revealed wisdom from Aquinas and the Catholic Church?

God sent His Holy Spirit to guide the Church into all Truth, certainly He is capable of doing this without our 38,000 divisions based on doctrine. What would Aquinas say to that?

Ask God if He is calling you to the Catholic Church! Please come home!

Appreciate the invitation Jane, but because I do look to Scripture as the authority on knowledge, I could never convert to Catholicism. I may find common ground on natural law, but I do not find common ground on the doctrine of salvation: So study your Bible and come join us Protestants! ;)

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