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February 13, 2015


This is really good!

This was very insightful.

I read Walt Heyer's books. He's got an amazing story. Unfortunately, the "pro-trans" side (I'm not sure if there's a better term) dismiss everything he says because he wasn't "really" transgender. Believe me, I've been around and around with folks on this. It's maddening.

But I am glad to see this issue being dealt with. Now that homosexuality has been completely mainstreamed, this is the new "in" thing to promote. It's everywhere, it's only getting worse, and it's being promoted regarding children even younger than five.

It's horrifying!

Mo, transgenderism exists because of homophobia, as many professionals have sought to "fix homosexuals."

I believe these children need help .I know that Children from time to time throughout have devotion to each sex and if you focus on this time in a child's life you can do unfixable damage. So leave children alone and basically teach them right from wrong and they will be fine focus on things that are a phase and yo will cause
irreparable damage. Trans gender is a condition not a fact of life these children need help but not congradulations.

@Jaqueline: you make the statement that "transgenderism exists because of homophobia"; would you show us where you got that information.

Thank you.

Amy: that is a really insightful and helpful question to ask. Thanks for sharing that with us.

@ Jaqueline

"Mo, transgenderism exists because of homophobia, as many professionals have sought to "fix homosexuals."

"Homophobia" is a made up term used to bully and silence anyone who dares disagree with or speak the truth about homosexuality and anything relating to it. (Such as same-sex "marriage".)

Can you show me the evidence of people speaking out on these issues because they are "afraid" of homosexuals or homosexuality?

Unless, of course, they are afraid of being labeled a bigot, having their personal information leaked, losing their jobs, or having their business sued. That's worth fearing, don't you agree?

Aside from that, can you tell me your source for this claim?

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