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February 24, 2015


Paul's Authority

In the podcast recording of the interview with Doug Geivett, at around minute 30:30, he mentions that Paul's authority was derivative because of some meetings that he held with the other apostles before beginning his teaching.

I'm doing a Galatians study now, and by chance, I remembered that Paul seems to make an opposite point in the first two chapters: that he began his ministry and finished his training without the input of any of the apostles. This was a critical point because some of the apostles were mis-using their authority, and only Jesus' authority directly to Paul could justify what he did in opposing Peter!

Paul still recognizes that it was important for his message to be reviewed by the men in Jerusalem, "lest he was running or had run his race in vain", but he was relieved to find that there wasn't any difference.

I don't know what the impact is of this comment to Doug's work, if any. But I wanted to point out something that he didn't seem to put correctly.



On further thought, this point of difference doesn't have any impact on Dr. Geivitt's point: Apostleship in the Bible-writing sense is a closed office. But I don't want the reasoning to be vulnerable to this distracting prima facie criticism.

There is another person who has identified Jesus as Paul's direct source of authority, and his views are written-up here:


I hope this is taken as helpful... I really want the truth to be proclaimed in all its power without any "riders"!

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