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February 25, 2015


Should we find that we dialogue beneath skies void of final causes - void of God - we would come to find then that there is no such thing as the objective-anything. Ever.

Objectivity void of God is foisted by those who just have not thought reality through to the end of mind - to the end of what objectivity necessarily entails and cannot escape. Scientism's pesky and unavoidable ties to eliminative materialism finds trouble up ahead for this bizarre dichotomy of slicing up reality into "fake/subjective" parts and "real/objective" parts.

A brief, though indirect, analogy is found here:

There is a sort of basic overview (Etc.) with Blinded By Scientism which is part one and then part two which is Recovering Sight after Scientism.

There are just too many comically incoherent strands laced within scientism’s hilariously bungling attempt to do justice with any series of quotes. So perhaps just one to pose as the proverbial dip of the toe in the pool of laughable unintelligibility:

“……. The irony is that the very practice of science itself, which involves the formulation of hypotheses, the weighing of evidence, the invention of technical concepts and vocabularies, the construction of chains of reasoning, and so forth — all mental activities saturated with meaning and purpose — falls on the “subjective,” “manifest image” side of scientism’s divide rather than the “objective,” “scientific image” side. Human thought and action, including the thoughts and actions of scientists, is of its nature irreducible to the meaningless, purposeless motions of particles and the like. Some thinkers committed to scientism realize this, but conclude that the lesson to draw is not that scientism is mistaken, but that human thought and action are themselves fictions. According to this radical position — known as “eliminative materialism” since it entails eliminating the very concept of the mind altogether instead of trying to reduce mind to matter — what is true of human beings is only what can be put in the technical jargon of physics, chemistry, neuroscience and the like. There is no such thing as “thinking,” “believing,” “desiring,” “meaning,” etc.; there is only the firing of neurons, the secretion of hormones, the twitching of muscles, and other such physiological events. While this is definitely a minority position even among materialists, there are those who acknowledge it to be the inevitable consequence of a consistent scientism, and endorse it on that basis. But as Hayek would have predicted, the very attempt to state the position necessarily, but incoherently, makes use of concepts — “science,” “rationality,” “evidence,” “truth,” and so forth — that presuppose exactly what the position denies, viz. the reality of meaning and mind……”

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