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February 23, 2015


It seems to me that much of the coincidental evil that occurs from man suffering in natural disasters would be a moot issue if we were not in a fallen state. What I mean is, it is hard to immagine Jesus being harmed by a tsunami, or earthquake, or being struck by lightning. We are told that our resurrection state, our glorified bodies, are a different kind of thing than our mortal bodies. It seems by the hints displayed by materially manifest and unfallen angels, as well as by Christ himself, that these immortal bodies are just not subject to the same hazards mortal flesh is. Christ walked on water, and after the resurrection, walked through locked doors; the angel or theophany that stood with the Hebrew youths in the furnace was not harmed by fire, etc.

So I would argue, that in an unfallen state, there would have been no such thing as "natural evil" due to disaster as nature would have posed no harm. However, in a fallen state, Greg's hypothesis shows that God is the ultimate alchemist; he can make gold with gold dust, or he can make worthless lead into gold. Evil is no obstacle to God's sovereign plan. Everything (including our choice to do evil) works together for good.

If I have posited any egregious theologic oversight, I'd be happy to know, but that would be my first though.

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