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March 03, 2015


Homosexuals, like any other non-Christian...

And that's really the central lie here, isn't it?

Phillip, a lie is intentionally trying to deceive. That's not my purpose here. I agree I could have clarified that I'm referring to those particular homosexual men and women who are not believers. Of course there are Christians who have same-sex attraction, but I'm not referring to them in this case. I'm simply trying to explain to believers that the outcome we hope for regarding all non-believers (including homosexuals) is that they come to know Jesus.

“Don’t put family rules on those outside the family.”

But why not? Don't the same rules apply to all?

Are you hoping we get them saved before they read the Bible or ask us those explosive family/marriage/gender defining questions?

Or have the Bells (Rob & Kristen) rung at your church too?

@Scott: Why don't the rules apply outside the family?

Since when have the 'rules' saved anyone?

Wow.. tough crowd. haha
I thought this was a very well thought out and written blog. The point is we need to preach the Gospel to seek to save the lost, not "change" the homosexual. I read ya loud and clear. Only then can God make them new creations.

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