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March 05, 2015


>> “It’s not that atheists can’t be moral – the subject of so many mawkish debates. The question is which morality an atheist should serve.” -

A "spot-on" estimation, Amy. I know many atheists of outstanding integrity. The issue of all this is not "morality" but "that specific morality," whether that be the Mosaic ordinance of the Old Testament or Christian conscientiousness of the New.

Which is the major flaw of secularism, which lately has dealt with people of religious conviction so poorly. These people, after all, are people of well-grounded principles of another sort, principles in contradistinction and in competition with pure secular thought.

Which means it could well be the moral principle that should win the day. Here's where the debate grows hot. Even a secularized synthesis of religious morality would be flawed.

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