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April 27, 2015


My question is this: how many of the historical cadavers and current aborted "fetuses" were done so for the sake of science? Because that's when it would be immoral to use science and medical research

I'm sorry that was communicated wrong: how many were murdered for the sake of science?

Fetuses--the answer would be none. How many have been murdered for religion?

Vaccines are developed in pre-existing cell lines: "In total only two fetuses, both obtained from abortions done by maternal choice, have given rise to cell strains used in vaccine development. Neither abortion was performed for the purpose of vaccine development."

I agree with everything Greg says, "in a perfect world". God convicts people to NOT get the vaccine because it Will harm them in ways they are naively unaware. If it is against your "conscience" Don't do it. The real problem is "what" they're adding to the formula to intentionally harm you. It is hard to believe, that's why they get away with it. They make a lot of money making you sick. It's worse than that, it is evil, it is Satanic. Satan is firmly in control of Big Pharma and he wants to inflict as much pain an suffering as possible - a form of torture. I've researched, I've prayed, I know it's the truth. If the Holy Spirit is telling you NOT to do it obey Him.

I pray you watch this video at least by Dr. Mark Geier discusses aspects of the flu vaccine.

Dr. Mark Geier discusses aspects of the flu vaccine

please watch

I'd love to hear Greg address this issue from the standpoint of how it impacts our freedom of choice. There is increasing social and political pressure that seeks to make it harder to object to vaccinations, even for religious/conscientious reasons.

Regardless of whether vaccines are overall good/bad, should the government have the right to force the individual to put something in their body for the perceived benefit of the masses?

He states that if someone has a moral objection to vaccines because they are (or at least some of them) produced from the remains of aborted fetuses, that they can act on that belief if they so choose. Not according to Australia, and the state of California if it passes the new law it is considering. Is it moral to vaccinate your child? Yes. It is moral for the government to put a gun to your head and force you to violate your sincere religious convictions? NO! Nevertheless, that is where are nation is heading.

By the way, I don't particularly see how using such vaccines is not supporting the abortion industry. You are still purchasing a product that uses such ingredients. Does it not matter at all where we get out ingredients from as long as you use it in a good way? That seems to be his argument. I like to buy meat from farms where I can trust that the animals were treated humanely. Does that not matter as well? Or what about buying goods and services that we KNOW come from Chinese sweat shops where people are paid a slaves wage, worked like a heavy laden ox, treated like an animal, and work in a business that has a suicide net over the roof to prevent people from killing themselves. Does it not matter if we support companies that source their product from such places? Does the ends always justify the means? I hope not. I thought more highly of before I listened to this interview.

Luba Petrusha,

>>Fetuses--the answer would be none. How many have been murdered for religion?<<

Probably less than 1/3 of the amount of fetuses that have been murdered by secular ideologies supporting abortion in America... Not to mention other nations around the world and atheist ideologies we find in places like China.

Dear STR,
If at all possible, would you prefer writing your posts rather than posting videos? Written material is better and faster to consume and comprehend.

kpolo, there is an option for you. Go to our YouTube page, click on the video, then look under the title where it says "More" with three dots. Click on "More," then choose "Transcript." That will bring up a rough transcript of the video that you can scan. If you keep our YouTube page bookmarked, it only takes a couple of seconds to get there. The latest video should be the first one listed on YouTube.

Dear STR, I didn't know you had a Youtube page until the last comment indicated such. Please consider embedding YouTube videos rather than ones from Vimeo. YouTube videos are much more mobile friendly. They play easier and the YouTube app is more common. I use a feed reader that plays YouTube videos easily, but has trouble with Vimeo. Others may be like me. But a different reason to consider is that Vimeo hosts adult content that can be seen with no age verification. Homes or churches may consider blocking Vimeo for that reason. YouTube doesn't seem to tolerate the same level of adult content. Since you post the same videos to both services, it wouldn't be that difficult to switch to Youtube embeds.

I agree with you, Greg, for the most part, but there is a problem with comparing aborted babies with murdered grown people. The problem is that one is legal and the other illegal. the illegal would be hard pressed to do for monetary gain for vaccines. Aborted babies being sold to clinics for vaccines would be advantages as it is legal. Therefore, the correlation of aborted babies and murdered people does not work.

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