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April 06, 2015


Whew! Well spoken brief on the matter there, brother Greg. I can't say I agree with you, but you've given me a lot to think about. I would point out quickly that there is a hermeneutical complication with the word "Israel" where it occurs after the new covenant passage in Jeremiah. But Im sure you know that.

Me personally I think dispensationalism is crazy. I think it's crazy based a close reading of scripture in general. Dispensationalism has not existed until the 19th century and has never been a strong view throughout Church history (which doesn't mean it's not right). I'm not willing to make that some line in the sand for Christians, but to me everything in Scripture that says "Israel" can also refer to the Church. The Church is the new Israel and the gentiles flock to it for guidance. Paul makes this move all the time in scripture, and I do not think it is far fetched for us to do the same. The reference in Romans, "All Israel will be saved" to me actually means "All Israel, both Jew and Gentile, will be saved." Another words, God can save his people no matter what their racial background. I especially think dispensationalist theology twists up eschatology and the book of Revelation (although having heard Greg's views on both of those despite his dispensationalist background they are closer towards mine). I don't see Israel being pivotal in world history. I see the church as being pivotal in world history.

It should give all of us pause when the school of dispensationalism didn't arise until the 19th century as Jared states in the comment above me. When the major theologians of history (Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Edwards etc.) don't have this dichotomy of the Church vs. Israel then we should really question its validity. I'm not saying that those theologians couldn't be mistaken, it just seems highly unlikely that nearly 1800 years after Jesus rose from the grave, that theologians discovered that God works in different dispensations. There are 7 in classical dispensationalism (some have 9), but to make it work, one really needs to do some really crazy hermeneutical gymnastics.

Thank you Greg for affirming God's promise to Israel. Please don't be intimidated by all the unfortunate replacement theology that abounds today. If God can abrogate his promise to Israel, he can cancel his sovereign choice of us as well. God bless Stand to Reason.

I humbly submit that the word profits be changed to prophets. Just a clerical detail.

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