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April 30, 2015


So, if someone claims to use Allah generally, your response is that you don't believe them.

How compelling!

Do you realize Christians use non English words to refer to god all the time? As one very, very obvious example: Hallelujah. That is a Hebrew word. It's imperative. Halal is "to praise" and "jah" is a shortened version of YHWH. It means, "praise YHWH!" In an imperative sense.

How many times per week do you use that word in worship? What would you do if a Hebrew speaking person asked you to stop using it?

My point, if it isn't obvious, is that your argument is hypocritical. We Christians use non English words for god all the time, even when we could just as easily use english. It's obviously hypocritical to demand that people of other relugions use "God" other than their native (for lack of a better word) words for God when we don't hold ourselves to the same standard.

Hallelujah is not a name for God, it's an expression of praise to God. Different things.

brgulker, if you read the article again, I think you'll see you misread it. Alan never said people of other religions ought to use "God." His only point is that when you're speaking English, there's a difference between "Allah" and "God"—the first is specific, the second can be generic (similar to the difference between "Yahweh" and "God"). This is why Muslims speaking English use the word "Allah," but Middle-Eastern Christians (like Alan) speaking English use "God."

His point is merely that the two words aren't interchangeable. It's just a matter of language.

Of course for a Xn, the problem isn't someone using the word Allah, it's pledging one's allegiance to something other than God. As Jesus stated, one cannot serve more than one leige. So a Xn would never cite something blasphemous like the US pledge.

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