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May 15, 2015


This is quite ironic. In that it pretends that Christianity was the source for many of these moral concepts. Equality, the golden rule and other moral precepts existed much earlier than the invention of Christianity. It was the early Christians who coopted these ideas, and claimed them as their own. But nice try, this is a very clever argument...

Johnranta, I encourage you to read the book for more details about the things I listed above (knowledge, consciousness, trust in our minds to discover truth, the idea that the universe is rational, moral truth, universal human rights, etc.), but the truth is that we believe in these things in our culture because they are all based in Christianity. All of these things go beyond the moral precepts themselves (which we're able to apprehend in many cases without special revelation), and materialist atheism has no way to ground these things (as atheists like John Gray explain in the chapter).

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