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June 12, 2015


I would say huge AMEN...
The Book of Proverbs 1:1-7 outlines that to "know" and to "understand" you must start with "the fear of Lord", meaning from those passages, that God MUST be the starting point.
Ravi Zacharias speaks of a series of questions that each and every person must answer in their worldview: 1-Origin, 2-Meaning, 3-Morality, 4-Destiny. Each of these four answers must meet the tests of truth: Coherence & Correspondence.
The starting point of whether "In the beginning"... is it God, or is it matter, Creation or Naturalism.
All other questions of life & reality proceed from THAT starting point.

Great article--Michael Reeves is right on when he states, 'Then we are able to be more logical, more vibrant, more imaginative, more creative, for we are working with the grain.' This is certainly affirmed by the Christian thinkers/apologists of our day such as William Lane Craig, Paul Copan, the late Dallas Willard, whose classic article, "Jesus the Logician" is a milestone in exploring an aspect of the Logos that is rarely touched upon in Sunday sermons or Bible studies. Blessings, Lane--http://existenceofgod.org

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