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June 16, 2015


One listener's opinion: I like having the weekly podcast uploaded all at once because...

- I have both hours of the podcast right now so I can listen for 20 minutes, 45 minutes, or as much of the show as I have time for in my life.
- I don't have to remember to download it twice a week.

Gromit, when you download it, what kind of device do you listen to it on? If it's on a smart phone or tablet, I recommend you use the app or a podcasting service that will download it automatically. Either that, or just download both episodes every Friday at once. It will be just the same as now—just pretend the show is on Friday instead of Wednesday now!

Tres Dias is one of the Cursillo movement. It left its Catholic roots and has become Protestant. It's largely a conservative outlier although some branches have become more liberal. The benefit is that the message is pretty well-established and doesn't change easily because the method is nearly set in stone. I'm less familiar with the Tres Dias branch, which is more explicitly non- or inter-denominational than the rest. The Presbyterian movement is called "Pilgrimage", the Methodist movement is called, "Walk to Emmaus." The Lutheran movement is called "Via de Cristo." The Episcopal, or perhaps Anglican, movement is still called "Cursillo". The talks are pretty consistent across the board so there's no mystery to the message. You can access the talk outlines, for example, here:

...and here:

There's nothing about continuationism or that includes RCC error here, although I can't say whether Tres Dias has gone in that direction.

I am afew weeks behind on listening to the podcasts, but Amy, does that mean it's broken into two pods of one hour each for the weekly show and you've dropped from 3 hrs to 2 hrs?
Also, the old 3 hr show was 88MB, now this week's 1 hr portions are 133MB each. What changed?

Yes, it will now be two shows a week, one hour each. I'm looking into the bitrate change now, but whatever happened last week, I suspect it will return to the normal bitrate in the future.

This is a good time to remind people of our app! Anyone who manually downloads every podcast will have an easier time if they use our app (where every podcast automatically shows up) or if they use a podcasting app that will automatically download each podcast as it comes in so they never have to think about it.

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